5 Steps How to clean a dirty refrigerator

Do you dread the task of cleaning your refrigerator? You’re not alone! Cleaning a dirty refrigerator can be a daunting task. But with the right steps and supplies, it doesn’t have to be so intimidating. In this blog post, we’ll break down the task into five easy steps so that you can get your fridge sparkling clean in no time. Read on to learn how to clean a dirty refrigerator.

A step-by-step guide on cleaning a dirty fridge

Taking the time to clean a dirty refrigerator can be daunting, but it’s important for keeping your food safe and healthy. Follow these five steps to make sure you properly clean your fridge from top to bottom.

Step One: Take Everything Out – Start by taking all of your items out of the fridge. Make sure to check expiration dates and throw out anything that has expired. Put any items that you are going to keep back in the fridge in a safe place while you clean.

Step Two: Wash the Shelves and Drawers – Use warm, soapy water and a sponge or cloth to clean the shelves and drawers of your refrigerator. Scrub away any food residue and dirt. Rinse with water afterwards and dry with a clean cloth.

Step Three: Clean the Interior Walls and Ceiling – Use warm, soapy water and a sponge or cloth to clean the walls and ceiling of your refrigerator. Pay special attention to corners and crevices where food can get stuck. Don’t forget to clean any vents or cooling elements on the ceiling. Rinse with water afterwards and dry with a clean cloth.

Step Four: Clean the Door Gasket – The door gasket is the rubber seal that helps keep your refrigerator airtight. To clean it, use a soft-bristled brush or an old toothbrush dipped in warm, soapy water. Scrub away any food residue or dirt from the gasket. Rinse with water afterwards and dry with a clean cloth.

Step Five: Put Everything Back – Once everything is cleaned and dried, put all of your items back into the fridge. Arrange them in an organized way so they’re easy to access. It’s also a good idea to check expiration dates again when you’re done to make sure everything is still good before you close the door.

Cleaning a dirty refrigerator can be a tedious task, but following these five steps will help ensure you do it right! Your food will stay fresh and safe, and your refrigerator will look sparkling clean!

Step One: Take Everything Out

Step One Take Everything Out

The first step to clean a dirty refrigerator is to take everything out of the fridge. This includes all food, beverages, and any other items that have been stored in the fridge. It’s important to take out every item, no matter how small, as you don’t want to miss anything while cleaning. Once everything is out, it’s time to start the process of cleaning the fridge.

Step Two: Wash the Shelves and Drawers

Step Two Wash the Shelves and Drawers

Now that you have taken everything out of your refrigerator, it’s time to start cleaning the shelves and drawers. Start by wiping them down with a damp cloth and dish soap or vinegar solution. If there are any tough spots, use a brush and/or scrubber to get rid of them. After you’ve wiped down the surfaces, rinse with warm water. To ensure all the soap is removed, dry the shelves and drawers with a soft cloth. Once the shelves and drawers are dry, you can put them back in the refrigerator to finish cleaning a dirty refrigerator.

Step Three: Clean the Interior Walls and Ceiling

Step Three Clean the Interior Walls and Ceiling

Once you’ve taken everything out of the refrigerator and washed the shelves and drawers, it’s time to tackle the interior walls and ceiling. Begin by wiping down the inside walls and ceiling of your fridge with a damp cloth or paper towel. Be sure to get into all the nooks and crannies. If necessary, use a mild all-purpose cleaner to remove any tough stains or odors. Make sure to thoroughly rinse away all cleaning solutions before proceeding. Once you’ve finished cleaning the interior walls and ceiling of your fridge, dry them with a clean cloth to ensure that no excess moisture remains. Now you have a sparkling clean refrigerator ready for you to store your food in.

Step Four: Clean the Door Gasket

Step Four Clean the Door Gasket

The door gasket is a crucial part of keeping your refrigerator clean and well maintained. In order to clean a dirty refrigerator, you need to start by cleaning the door gasket. Here’s how to do it:

First, you need to remove the door gasket from the fridge. This can usually be done by simply pulling it off. Then use a soft cloth dipped in warm, soapy water to clean the rubber gasket. Make sure to get into all the nooks and crannies of the gasket. Once you have wiped it down, use a damp cloth to rinse the gasket and then dry with a clean, soft cloth.

Once you’ve finished cleaning the door gasket, replace it on the refrigerator and make sure it fits snugly. Now your fridge is ready for the next step in your cleaning process.

Step Five: Put Everything Back

Step Five Put Everything Back

Once you have thoroughly cleaned a dirty refrigerator, the last step is to put everything back in. It’s important to do this carefully, so that you don’t accidentally contaminate any of your food items with dirt or bacteria.

Start by replacing the shelves and drawers first. Place the items that belong on the shelves onto them, and make sure they are securely in place before moving on to the next shelf. Be careful to ensure that none of the items touch each other, as this can lead to spoilage and cross-contamination.

Once the shelves are in place, move on to the door. This is where most people store their condiments, drinks, and other food items that need to stay cool. Make sure you place these items in the proper location according to their labels. Then, move on to any items that were removed from the freezer section. These should be placed back in their designated spots.

Finally, replace all of the drawers and any bins or containers that were removed during the cleaning process. Make sure everything is firmly in place before closing the door and putting the fridge back into use. By following these simple steps, you can ensure your food stays fresh and safe for consumption.


Cleaning a dirty refrigerator is an important part of keeping your kitchen clean and healthy. It can be daunting, but with the right supplies and steps, you can easily get it done in no time. With the tips provided above, you should be able to easily and effectively clean your refrigerator and restore it to its original condition. The key is to take it one step at a time and work from top to bottom so that you don’t miss any nooks or crannies. Cleaning a dirty refrigerator may seem like a chore, but it doesn’t have to be!

Q. What are the steps for cleaning a dirty refrigerator?

A. The following five steps will help you clean your dirty refrigerator and make it look brand new:
1. Remove all food items, shelves and drawers from your refrigerator and wipe them down with a damp cloth and dish soap.
2. Next, use an all-purpose cleaner on the interior walls of your fridge. Start from top to bottom and scrub away any spills or stuck-on food debris that you may find.
3. Clean the gasket around the door with a damp cloth and all-purpose cleaner. Make sure you get into all of the nooks and crannies around the edges of the door.
4. To get rid of any bad odors, fill up two small bowls with baking soda and place them inside your refrigerator. This will help absorb any lingering odors in your fridge.

Q. Is there anything else I can do to clean my refrigerator?

A. Yes! After removing the food, shelves and drawers, you should also clean off the outside of your refrigerator. Use a non-abrasive cleaner like Windex and clean off any dust, dirt or fingerprints that have accumulated over time. Additionally, if your fridge has filters built in, be sure to replace those as well. If you still have difficulty cleaning off certain areas, try using a toothbrush dipped in cleaner to reach more difficult spots. Finally, don’t forget to clean underneath your refrigerator – dust bunnies can often accumulate here, so give it a good once over before you finish cleaning.

Q. How often should I clean my refrigerator?

A. It is recommended that you clean your refrigerator every 6 months or so. For households with children, cleaning your refrigerator more frequently is advised due to potential messes and spills that could occur. If you notice any build up of dirt, grime, or smells coming from your refrigerator, then it’s best to clean it right away. Cleaning a dirty refrigerator every 6 months will help keep your fridge functioning at peak performance levels and extend its lifespan.

Last Updated on March 21, 2023

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