8 Ways to Use Your Leaf Blower –Leaf Blower Techniques

But how? With so many different 8 ways to use your leaf blowerLeaf Blower Techniques, it can be hard to know where to start! Whether you’re ready to move on from your manual leaf raking days or looking for some new ways to use your leaf blower, these 8 ways to use your leaf blower will have you reaching for the tool in no time! Learn how to use your leaf blower effectively by reading on below.

Check out these 8 leaf blower techniques to use your leaf blower beyond just blowing leaves! If you think your leaf blower can only be used to blow leaves, then you are missing out on all the fun and exciting ways that you can use your leaf blower this fall and winter! Here are 8 of the many ways you can use your leaf blower to get other jobs done around the house while also getting rid of some pesky leaves at the same time.

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8 Ways to Use Your Leaf Blower

1) The Best Way to Remove Leaves from Your Lawn

The Best Way to Remove Leaves from Your Lawn

The best way to remove leaves from your lawn is by using a leaf blower. You can also use a rake but it takes a lot more time and requires more effort. A leaf blower is an easy and effective way to clean up the leaves that have fallen from the trees in your yard. To get started, you’ll want to start by finding the most convenient spot for you on the lawn where you want to start blowing. It’s usually easiest just starting at one end of your yard and working your way across, but it can be different depending on what type of yard you have.

Now that you’re at the perfect starting point, it’s time to start blowing! Blow any debris off of the ground before you turn on your leaf blower so that all those leaves don’t blow back into the pile you just blew them out of. Start blowing near one side edge of your yard, pushing all those pesky leaves into a nice neat pile as they move away from you. If there are any branches or roots poking out through the ground, try to push them over before moving onto the next patch so they don’t keep getting stuck under your feet when you’re trying to work.

As soon as there’s no more debris left in front of you, move over to the other side edge and repeat until everything has been blown into piles.

2) How to Clear Debris from Your Driveway

How to Clear Debris from Your Driveway

You can use your leaf blower for so much more than just leaves! Here are a few ideas for how you can make the most out of your leaf blower this fall: Clear debris from your driveway. The powerful air stream from your leaf blower will blow away all of the leaves, pine needles, and other debris that’s piled up on the ground in front of your house. Clean up fallen leaves.

After a storm has blown through, it’s time to clean up all those leaves and sticks that have found their way into every nook and cranny outside of your house or business. You can use a leaf blower to quickly remove them so you can sweep them away with ease. Remove dust from outdoor furniture or equipment such as swing sets, slides, etc. If you live in an area where the air is typically very dry, a simple swipe of your leaf blower over any hard surfaces covered by dust will help to reduce airborne particulates that can cause respiratory problems. Make some extra money!

If you’re interested in clearing driveways, patios, sidewalks, or decks throughout the neighborhood with your handy-dandy leaf blower, this is an excellent opportunity for some additional income.

3) How to Get Rid of Pesky Grass Clippings

How to Get Rid of Pesky Grass Clippings

This fall, when the leaves have fallen and grass clippings are all over your property, it’s time to turn on that leaf blower. To get the most out of your blower and make cleaning up a breeze, follow these 10 leaf blowing techniques:

  • Clean up any remaining leaves in your yard before blowing away grass clippings. This will make for a much easier job later on.
  • Put down some old sheets or tarps before you start blowing so that you can easily pick up the mess afterwards.
  • Blow wet grass clippings into piles if possible because they will be easier to pick up when they’re dry.
  • If there are small rocks or sticks mixed with the grass clippings, try to move them aside with your feet first before starting to blow.
  • If there is a lot of rain forecasted, wait until the lawn has dried off before going at it with your leaf blower.
  • Be sure not to let your kids use the leaf blower unsupervised because they may end up kicking dirt and stones around as well as blowing dirt back onto themselves!

4) How to Use Your Leaf Blower to Clean Your Gutters

How to Use Your Leaf Blower to Clean Your Gutters

When you’re done with your leaf blowing, use the blower to clean out your gutters. If your gutters are pretty high up, start by using the hose attachment and spray down the top of them. Once they’re wet, slide the blower nozzle over the top of them and move it from side to side.

The water will help soften any leaves that have managed to find their way into your gutter system. This should make it easier for you to pull out those pesky leaves with a rake or a broom. Make sure not to blow too hard though as you don’t want your rain gutters to collapse!

5) How to Keep Your Deck Clean with a Leaf Blower

How to Keep Your Deck Clean with a Leaf Blower

If you love spending time outdoors, but your deck has become a dumping ground for leaves and other debris, consider getting yourself a leaf blower. These handy devices make it easy to quickly clean up large areas without breaking a sweat. Here are ten ways you can use your leaf blower around the house:

  • Blow Away Leaves from the Front Porch – Let’s say you have just swept off the front porch and all that remains is some leftover leaves on the ground. Simply sweep them into a pile and then use your leaf blower to blow them away for good!
  • Clean Up Flowerbeds – When autumn hits, we usually start pulling up our flowers in preparation for winter.
  • Sweep Garden Tools Off Patio Floor – After a day of gardening and doing yard work, there’s nothing like putting down your tools and heading inside to relax. But if they’re left out on the patio floor they’ll get covered with dirt or worse yet, broken by an errant footstep.
  • Clear Siding of Fall Leaves – As soon as the leaves fall, grab your trusty tool to blow them off the siding before they settle in for another long winter.

6) How to Blow Snow off of Your Car

6) How to Blow Snow off of Your Car
  • Stick your leaf blower at arm’s length from the car and turn it on, aiming the air flow at the windshield and windows.
  • Hold the leaf blower with one hand and use the other hand to brush off any remaining snow. This technique is best for small amounts of snow that are just on top of your vehicle.
  • Turn on your leaf blower and place it against a snow-covered surface, using it as a vacuum cleaner by slowly moving back and forth until all snow has been removed.
  • Hold your leaf blower about two inches from a surface like a wall or ground, blowing wind in short bursts until all ice has been cleared away.
  • Attach some foam insulation sheets or foam pipe wrap around your garage door frame and then aim your leaf blower towards them; this will help keep out cold drafts while also preventing debris buildup!

7) How to Use Your Leaf Blower to Dry Your Car

How to Use Your Leaf Blower to Dry Your Car

Drying your car with a leaf blower is an easy way to blast away dirt, dust, and water spots. It also gets the job done faster than other methods. To use your leaf blower for this purpose:

Put the car’s windows up so that air doesn’t escape from any holes in the vehicle; Put the leaf blower on its lowest setting and hold it about two inches from the surface of your car; Slowly move it back and forth across the surface of your car until it’s dry. Turn off the leaf blower and allow it to cool before storing it away.

8) How to Quickly Clean Up After a Party

8) How to Quickly Clean Up After a Party

When you’re ready for a party, the first thing to do is plan for the cleanup. This means investing in a leaf blower and some supplies ahead of time. If you wait until after your party, there will be increased costs and time invested in tackling the mess. Here are 10 ways to use your leaf blower when it’s time for a cleanup:

  • Blow away leaves with your leaf blower from outside of your home into an open garbage bag or container.
  • Blow away dust from hard-to-reach areas such as under furniture and along baseboards with the nozzle end of your leaf blower.
  • A leaf blower can make quick work of cleaning up pet hair that has accumulated on your carpeting over the past few months. Just hold the nozzle close to the floor and blow out all that pesky fur!
  • A leaf blower can also help to quickly dry up puddles left behind by pets or kids running through a sprinkler on rainy days.
  • Hose off patio tables, chairs, benches and other outdoor furniture using your leaf blower before applying any oil or waxes for protection against moisture.
  • Make autumn come alive inside with colorful artificial leaves made from felt scraps by turning on your indoor/outdoor fan and then blowing them around with your leaf blower.


Leaf blowers can be used for many different things other than blowing leaves. Here are ten ways that you can use your leaf blower:

  • Blow snow off of the driveway, sidewalk, or front porch.
  • Blow dirt out of cracks in the driveway or sidewalk.
  • Get pet hair off furniture and upholstery by blowing it away with a light breeze.
  • Use a gentle breeze to gently dry clothes on a clothesline.
  • Create an updraft by placing a leaf blower on top of a garbage can lid.
  • Remove cobwebs from corners and windowsills
  • Clear dust bunnies out of corners
  • Clean carpets
  • Blow droplets away from wet spots


Q. Can I use a leaf blower indoors?

A: If you are using your leaf blower outdoors, then it is perfectly safe for you to use it indoors. However, if you are using your leaf blower indoors, then there is no need for you to use it.

Q. What is the best way to clean up leaves from the yard?

A. There are two different ways that will work well when cleaning up leaves from the yard. The first way would be to rake them together and scoop them up with a shovel. The second way would be for you to blow them into one area and vacuum them up with your lawn vac or broomstick vacuum cleaner.

Q. Why is my leaf blower not working properly?

A. If your leaf blower is not working properly, then it could be due to a number of reasons. One reason could be because the battery has died and needs to recharge itself. Another reason could be because you may have left the nozzle on too long and it has worn down the motor inside of the machine, causing air flow restrictions which in turn reduces power output on your unit’s part.

Another reason could have been because of blocked air filters or vents that have restricted airflow over time by dust buildup which may result in overheating or burning out some parts of your unit’s engine components over time.

Q. How do I know when to buy a new leaf blower?

A. You should know that you should get a new leaf blower every 5-6 years as they wear down after this amount of time and may start producing smoke while running or make a loud rattling sound while running.

Q. How do I store my leaf blower?

A. You should store your leaf blower in a dry place so the blades don’t rust, but out of reach of small children who might play with it without supervision as they can break things easily like its safety features such as its switches on the handle for example.

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Last Updated on December 23, 2022

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